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The Fires of Pompeii: Quiz


Question 1: [12] The sale of the TARDIS as modern art was also included as a reference to Moran's favourite serial, ________, which includes a scene in which the TARDIS is appraised in a similar fashion.
Companion (Doctor Who)City of DeathDoctor WhoDoctor (Doctor Who)

Question 2: Ian Hyland, writing for ________, said that Tate "was almost bearable this week".
The Sunday TimesThe TimesThe Sun (newspaper)News of the World

Question 3: The last scene takes place six months later in ________.

Question 4: The Sisterhood is inducting Caecilius' daughter Evelina (Francesca Fowler) and is allied to the local ________ Lucius (Phil Davis).
Imperial cult (ancient Rome)Pontifex MaximusAugurAncient Rome

Question 5: "The Fires of Pompeii" is the second episode of the fourth series of the British science fiction television series ________.
Doctor WhoCompanion (Doctor Who)TorchwoodThe Sarah Jane Adventures

Question 6: He was ambivalent to Donna's reaction to the Doctor leaving Caecilius's family to die: he criticised her acting, comparing her to ________ character Joannie "Nan" Taylor, but said "top again if that was intentional".
Big TrainLittle BritainThe Catherine Tate ShowHarry & Paul

Question 7: It was broadcast on ________ on 12 April 2008.
BBC TelevisionBBC TwoBBC OneBBC Three

Question 8: The Doctor (David Tennant) and Donna Noble (________) arrive in what the Doctor believes to be Rome in the first century AD.
Tenth DoctorRussell T DaviesCatherine TateThe Catherine Tate Show

Question 9: However, he disapproved of the use of ________ colloquialisms in the episode, most notably the Stallholder (Phil Cornwell) saying "lovely jubbly".
Estuary EnglishEnglish languageBritish EnglishCockney

Question 10: ________ is being used by the Pyrovile to convert the human race to Pyroviles, in an effort to conquer Earth.
Mount EtnaMount RainierMount VesuviusVolcano


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