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The Final Fantasy Legend: Quiz


Question 1: [61] The final track of the set, "Journey's End", is an arranged version of six of Final Fantasy Legend's tracks via a ________ combined into one by Uematsu.
SynthesizerMixing consoleDigital audio editorSound recording and reproduction

Question 2: Though the game has received mixed reception from various publications such as ________, it has also been described as one of the Game Boy's greatest games, and cited as an influence for series such as the Pokémon franchise.

Question 3: [51] Ishii and Itō additionally developed the game's world layout and ________, with Ryōko Tanaka designing the background graphics.
Human geographyCartographyPhysical geographyGeography

Question 4: Despite advertising the game as being compatible with Nintendo's ________ handheld, the re-released version featured no enhancements.
Game Boy AdvanceGame Boy lineGame Boy ColorNintendo DSi

Question 5: Several songs from the game have been reused for later titles or appear on compilation ________, such as the game's "Battle" theme.
SoundtrackFilm scoreTill the Clouds Roll ByVideo game music

Question 6: The game's soundtrack was composed by ________ and consists of sixteen tracks, and despite Game Boy's limited audio capabilities Uematsu emphasized that it was a system he would like to compose music for again.
Nobuo UematsuFinal FantasyFinal Fantasy VIIIFinal Fantasy concerts

Question 7: ________ named him one of the "47 Most Diabolical Video-Game Villains of All Time", placing him 37th on the list and adding "You gotta wonder...
GameProMacworldPC World (magazine)Sega Saturn

Question 8: At the beginning of the game, the player must choose a ________, gender, and name for the group's "party leader".
Character classComputer role-playing gameExperience pointMassively multiplayer online role-playing game

Question 9: The concept behind the game was to develop a title that could be completed in six to eight hours, based upon the amount of time an airplane flight between Narita, Japan and Honolulu, ________ takes.
AlaskaFloridaUnited StatesHawaii

Question 10: In addition, a character's health is measured in ________ (HP), consisting of a current HP statistic and a maximum HP statistic, ranging from 0 to 999.
Sonic the Hedgehog (series)Role-playing video gameDungeons & DragonsHealth (gaming)

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