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The Exodus: Quiz


Question 1: When Egyptian rule collapsed after the invasion of the ________, the central hill country could no longer sustain a large nomadic population, so they went from nomadism to sedentism.
Sea PeoplesPhilistinesCanaanBronze Age collapse

Question 2: Narrowly defined, the term refers only to the departure from Egypt described in the ________; more widely, it takes in the subsequent wanderings in the wilderness described in the books of Numbers and Deuteronomy.
Book of GenesisBook of ExodusBook of LeviticusBook of Deuteronomy

Question 3: The term continues to be used in the Passover Hagadah that was authored almost 2,000 years ago in the times of the Mishnah and is used in Jewish scholarship as in ________' Mishneh Torah.
AverroesThomas AquinasSoulMaimonides

Question 4: In his book, ________, Finkelstein points to the appearance of settlements in the central hill country around 1200 BCE, recognized by most archaeologists as the earliest settlements of the Israelites.
DavidSolomonBiblical archaeologyThe Bible Unearthed

Question 5: As a result, this interpretation of the exodus does not suffer from the difficulties that come from identifying the Israelites with the ________ rulers of Egypt.
HyksosNew KingdomEgypt (Roman province)Predynastic Egypt

Question 6: The Exodus (Greek word έξοδος, (Hebrew: יציאת מצרים, Modern Yetsi'at Mitzrayim Tiberian jəsʕijaθ misʕɾajim ; "the exiting of Egypt") is the story of the departure of the Israelites from ancient Egypt described in the ________.
Old TestamentHebrew BibleDeuterocanonical booksTanakh

Question 7: The Merneptah Stele indicates that a people called "Israel" were already known in Canaan by the reign of ________ (1213-1203 BCE),[19]
MerneptahRamesses IISeti IIAmenmesse

Question 8: ________ research has found no evidence that the Sinai desert ever hosted, or could have hosted, millions of people, nor of a massive population increase in Canaan, estimated to have had a population of between 50,000 and 100,000 at the time.
MiningEngineeringCivil engineeringArchaeology

Question 9: There are numerous difficulties with views that equate the Israelites with the ________.
HyksosNew KingdomEgypt (Roman province)Predynastic Egypt

Question 10: The Book of ________ records the construction of the tabernacle and the laws of God.
PsalmsBook of LeviticusBook of NumbersBook of Deuteronomy

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