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The End of Time: Quiz


Question 1: This is the last story for ________ as the Tenth Doctor and sees his character regenerating into his eleventh incarnation, played by Matt Smith.
David TennantTARDISDoctor WhoDoctor (Doctor Who)

Question 2: Wilf retrieves his old service pistol after being warned by a mysterious woman in white before joining the Doctor in his ________ and travelling to the Naismith's estate.
Companion (Doctor Who)TARDISDoctor (Doctor Who)Doctor Who story chronology

Question 3:
What type is thing is The End of Time?
Studio Album
Off-Off Broadway

Question 4:

Question 5:
Which of the following titles did The End of Time have?
The End of Time
Senator for New South Wales
A Word to the Wives...

Question 6: The Doctor finally visits Rose Tyler on New Year's Day 2005, the year where she meets him as the ________, and tells her she will have "a great year".
Companion (Doctor Who)Doctor (Doctor Who)TARDISNinth Doctor

Question 7:
Who of these people produced The End of Time?

Question 8: Filming also took place at Tredegar House in ________,[location 1] which had previously been used for the filming of the 2008 Christmas special "The Next Doctor".

Question 9:
Who was an executive producer of The End of Time?
Aaron Springer
Art Edwards
Russell T Davies
Peter Moss

Question 10:
How long is The End of Time?
approx. 60 km
7.5" with 3" barrel,
2 episodes, 60 and 75 minutes


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