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The Egg and I: Quiz


Question 1:
Who played Bob MacDonald the telemovie The Egg and I?
Fred MacMurray
Donald MacBride
Fred MacMurray
Percy Kilbride

Question 2:
Who played Billy Reed the telemovie The Egg and I?
Fred MacMurray
Billy House
Percy Kilbride
Donald MacBride

Question 3:
What role did Richard Long play in the telemovie The Egg and I?
Tom Kettle
Billy Reed
Bob MacDonald
Pa Kettle

Question 4: Willkins' (who was also one of the presiding Judges at the ________) courtroom in King County Superior Court beginning February 6, 1951.
Nuremberg TrialsThe HolocaustJoseph GoebbelsAdolf Hitler

Question 5: The Egg and I, first published in ________, is a humorous memoir by American author Betty MacDonald about her adventures and travails as a young wife on a chicken farm on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state.

Question 6: This philosophy comes into play when the author marries a friend of her brother ("Bob") who soon admits that it is his dream is to leave his current office job and start a ________ ranch.
Chicken soupChickenChicken (food)Cockfight

Question 7: The book is based on the author's experiences as a newlywed in trying to acclimate and operate a small chicken farm with her first husband Robert Heskett[1] from 1927 to 1931 near Chimacum, ________.
Northwestern United StatesOregonAlaskaWashington


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