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The Edge of Destruction: Quiz


Question 1: These ideas would come up again on occasion as the original series progressed, but would become major plot points during the 2005 series, in particular in the episodes "Boom Town" and "________".
The Parting of the WaysCompanion (Doctor Who)Journey's End (Doctor Who)The Stolen Earth

Question 2: The Edge of Destruction novelisation reviews at ________
David TennantOutpost GallifreyBlink (Doctor Who)Doctor Who

Question 3: The Edge of Destruction at ________
BBC RadioBBC iPlayerBBC Red ButtonBBC Online

Question 4: In fact it was the cheapness of this serial that producer ________ used to calm the fears of her BBC superiors that Doctor Who would be too expensive a commitment for the corporation.
Sydney NewmanQuatermass (TV serial)DalekVerity Lambert

Question 5: The Doctor's extensive wardrobe is first mentioned at the end of the story, with Ian showing off an ulster that the Doctor had received from ________.
The MikadoW. S. GilbertGilbert and SullivanArthur Sullivan

Question 6: Unexpected events are happening on the ________, the travellers are becoming suspicious of each other's motives, and the Doctor even accuses Ian and Barbara of sabotage.
Doctor Who story chronologyCompanion (Doctor Who)TARDISDoctor (Doctor Who)

Question 7: Exactly why this was done is uncertain; on the DVD, documentary designer Raymond Cusick guesses that it was written during rehearsals as a guide, and producer ________ surmises that it may have been written so that Hartnell could find the switch.
Doctor WhoDalekVerity LambertSydney Newman

Question 8: It was actually a working title for ________ and has also at times been attributed to an unmade story by Malcolm Hulke called The Hidden Planet.
The Chase (Doctor Who)The DaleksDalek variantsCompanion (Doctor Who)

Question 9: The Edge of Destruction (also referred to as Inside the Spaceship) is a serial in the British science fiction television series ________, which was first broadcast in 2 weekly parts on February 8 and February 15, 1964.
Doctor WhoThe Sarah Jane AdventuresCompanion (Doctor Who)Torchwood

Question 10: In 2006, it was included on The Beginning ________ box set, along with the previous two serials.
LaserdiscHD DVDBlu-ray DiscDVD

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