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The Duchess of Malfi: Quiz


Question 1: The novel takes its title from ________'s famous characterization of Webster's work in his poem 'Whispers of Immortality'.
T. S. EliotFour QuartetsThe Waste LandThe Hollow Men

Question 2:
What role did Charles Kay play in the movie The Duchess of Malfi?
Antonio Bologna
Daniel de Bosola

Question 3: Queen of the Damned by ________ uses the lines Cover her face. Mine eyes dazzle. She died young, as a quote from Lestat to his vampire child, Claudia.
Anne RiceExit to EdenTaltos (novel)Lasher

Question 4:
Who played Antonio Bologna the movie The Duchess of Malfi?
Gary Bond
Gary Bond
Michael Bryant
Charles Kay

Question 5: Hotel by Mike Figgis involves a film crew trying to make a ________ film of The Duchess of Malfi.
Dogme 95Abstract expressionismRemodernist filmArt Nouveau

Question 6: [1] It was first performed privately at the ________, then before a more general audience at The Globe, in 1613-14.
King's Men (playing company)English Renaissance theatreBoy playerBlackfriars Theatre

Question 7: The Duchess was Giovanna d'Aragona, whose father, Arrigo d'Aragona, Marquis of Gerace, was an illegitimate son of ________.
Isabella, Princess of TarantoFerdinand I of NaplesAlfonso II of NaplesPope Alexander VI

Question 8: The actors playing the Duchess, Antonio and Bosola are played by Saffron Burrows, Max Beesley and ________.
Ken CampbellHarold PinterEnglandHeathcote Williams

Question 9: Television - A Question of Happiness #1: A Question About Hell, an adaptation by ________ in which the names of all the characters are changed
William GoldingKingsley AmisA. S. ByattAnita Brookner

Question 10: In 1980, Adrian Noble directed the play at the ________.
Royal Exchange, ManchesterManchester Town HallPalace Theatre, ManchesterManchester Victoria station


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