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Question 1: Because the Draka are so heavily outnumbered, meaning that a general ________ could well mean their extermination, the Draka are utterly ruthless.
Slave rebellionSlaveryAtlantic slave tradeAbolitionism

Question 2: The Draka then attacked the Third Reich in the ________ region, attempting to cut off a large part of the German army.
EuropeGeorgia (country)AsiaCaucasus

Question 3: While the United States had slavery, even slave-holders had to pay lip-service to the American values of liberty and equality, and the contradiction was eventually resolved by the ________.
Union (American Civil War)American Civil WarTennesseeBleeding Kansas

Question 4: The Draka books were written and published shortly after ________ South Africa succumbed to intensive international pressure and was forced to adapt itself to the rest of the world's current norms of racial equality.
South Africa under apartheidJim Crow lawsRacismRacial segregation

Question 5: After defeat in Revolutionary War, the Loyalists who historically went to Canada are instead resettled in the new Crown Colony of Drakia (named after ________) in South Africa, taking their slaves with them.
Hippolyte de BouchardEdward LowFrancis DrakeJohn Hawkins

Question 6: The German Wehrmacht is somewhat more advanced than historically, with a fully mechanized supply train and Panther and Tiger tanks used as standard rather than the older ________.
Panzer IVPanzer IIIPanzer 35(t)Sturmgesch├╝tz III

Question 7: Decurion (________) commanding a Lochos (Squad) of 8
Sergeant MajorCorporalSergeantPrivate (rank)

Question 8: Draka citizens have a considerable degree of ________, but fundamental criticism of the slave system is forbidden.
Human rightsFreedom of informationFreedom of thoughtFreedom of speech

Question 9: The last areas to be conquered were the jungles of the Congo, due to the danger of ________.
Globalization and diseaseTropical diseaseHealth care systemBiological hazard

Question 10: By 1944, all sides are widely using nerve gas, jet- and rocket-powered fighter aircraft and ________.
Ballistic missileAir-to-air missileAnti-ballistic missileIntercontinental ballistic missile

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