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Question 1: In 1981, the actor ________ won a Golden Space Needle Award for Best Actor at the Seattle International Film Festival.
Academy Award for Best Supporting ActorChristopher WalkenChristopher Walken filmographyJason Robards

Question 2: Shannon, Derek and Michel load the body of Drew on a ________ then leave.
Land RoverMG Rover GroupBritish LeylandMini

Question 3: Composer Geoffrey Burgon concludes the film with ________'s Epitaph for an Army of Mercenaries sung over the end titles by Gillian McPherson.
PoetryEnglandA Shropshire LadAlfred Edward Housman

Question 4: The African country scenes were filmed in Belize City, ________ (Central America), and the surrounding area.
Antigua and BarbudaBarbadosThe BahamasBelize

Question 5: This was only the second international feature for director John Irvin, who previously worked as documentary maker during ________.
Central Intelligence AgencyVietnam WarCold WarKorean War

Question 6: The group illegally procures ________ submachine guns, ammunition, rocket launchers, mines, and other weapons from arms dealers.
Heckler & Koch MP5UziM2 Browning machine gunM16 rifle

Question 7: One of the mercenaries - Derek, a former member of the SAS - was obviously influenced by the character 'Tosh' Donaldson in the film ________.
The Wild GeeseRichard BurtonThe Sea WolvesUnited Kingdom

Question 8: They meet up at ________ to plan the coup, when all the options have been decided Michel proposes a toast followed by Shannon's reciting his motto "Everyone Comes Home".
London UndergroundFarringdon stationLiverpool Street stationStratford station

Question 9: After Shannon tells Endean that there is no chance of an internal ________, Endean offers Shannon $100,000 to overthrow Kimba by invading Zangaro with a mercenary army.
Coup d'├ętatSiegeWarChemical warfare

Question 10: The Dogs of War is a 1980 war film based upon the novel The Dogs of War by ________, directed by John Irvin.
Margaret ThatcherConservative Party (UK)EnglandFrederick Forsyth


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