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The Devil's Tree: Quiz


Question 1: Local legend, extensively documented in Weird NJ magazine and the book based on it, has it that the tree is cursed, or the property of the ________.
SatanGodChristian teaching about the DevilDevil

Question 2: [1] A nearby boulder called "Heat Rock", and sometimes the tree itself, is said to be warm to the touch regardless of the season or time of day,[2] and is believed to be a portal to ________.

Question 3: The Devil's Tree is a solitary oak, with some dead limbs, growing in an undeveloped field on Mountain Road in the Martinsville section of Bernards Township, ________.
New JerseyMassachusettsPennsylvaniaDelaware

Question 4: Despite the dire warnings of the legends, the tree has been damaged to the point that its lower trunk is protected by a covering of chain-link fence around it; there is ________ above the top of the fencing.
Hip hopHip hop musicHip-hop danceGraffiti

Question 5: [1] Others report being chased after nighttime visits by black ________ that disappear before reaching a major road.
GhostThe CarGhost train (spiritual entity)Phantom vehicle


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