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The Deposition from the Cross (Pontormo): Quiz


Question 1: The ________ is one of the standard scenes from the life of Jesus in medieval art, and because of the complexities of the composition, it is one in which Renaissance artists continued to take a great interest.
FlorenceAntwerpParisDescent from the Cross

Question 2: Pontormo's grieving crowds and brightness of color also provide a stark contrast to ________'s somber Deposition from the Cross or Entombment [3] in the Vatican Pinacoteca Image:Michelangelo Caravaggio 052.jpg.
Young Sick BacchusJohn the Baptist (Caravaggio)Amor Vincit Omnia (Caravaggio)Caravaggio

Question 3: The ________ family could observe religious services from the "coretto" or private chapel in Vasari's Corridor [1], set over the portico on the facade [2].
House of BourbonHouse of HabsburgHouse of MediciHouse of Bonaparte

Question 4: The Deposition by ________ in the Galleria Borghese shows a later, though related scene: the Entombment of Christ.
Baronci AltarpieceTransfiguration (Raphael)The Deposition (Raphael)Raphael

Question 5: The Deposition from the Cross is an altarpiece by the Italian Renaissance painter ________, completed in 1528.
MannerismRenaissance architecturePontormoFlorence

Question 6: Painted in oil on wood, The Deposition is located above the altar of the Capponi Chapel at the church of Santa Felicita, in ________.

Question 7: In part, it because his Florentine masterwork frescos, such as this, are not on canvas in the well-traversed by-ways for the ________.
UffiziFlorencePalazzo PittiFlorence Cathedral

Question 8: Though Santo Spirito is only a few steps from the Ponte Vecchio; its appearance is somewhat retiring, the facade spanned by the white Vasari corridor connecting the Pitti Palace with the Uffizi and ________.
Florence CathedralPalazzo VecchioFlorence BaptisteryFlorence

Question 9: Pontormo's stature has gained a measure of respect in recent decades, although he remains less well known than the superstars of Florentine High ________.
Western art historyRenaissanceItalian RenaissanceBaroque


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