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The Daleks: Quiz


Question 1: The serial was most recently broadcast in the UK on ________, as part of a celebration of the life and work of producer Verity Lambert.

Question 2: The Thals feature again in Planet of the Daleks and ________.
Remembrance of the DaleksCompanion (Doctor Who)The Five DoctorsGenesis of the Daleks

Question 3: This story marks the first appearance of the Doctor's greatest extraterrestrial enemies, the ________.
Companion (Doctor Who)DalekDoctor Who story chronologyDalek variants

Question 4: The Doctor insists they explore a futuristic city they spot beyond the forest but ________ and Barbara Wright are not convinced.
Companion (Doctor Who)Ian ChestertonSusan ForemanVicki

Question 5: Writer Terry Nation once claimed that he came up with the name after seeing a set of ________ with one volume spanning the section of the alphabet from Dal - Lek.
EncyclopediaNatural History (Pliny)Encyclopædia BritannicaDictionary

Question 6: In the later Genesis of the Daleks, their mutation was accelerated (but not directly caused) by the machinations of ________, their previous species was the Kaleds, and the mutation marked the end of the war with the Thals.
Doctor (Doctor Who)Doctor WhoDoctor Who story chronologyDavros

Question 7: Writer Terry Nation, Directors Christopher Barry, Richard Martin, Producers ________, Mervyn Pinfield.
Sydney NewmanDoctor WhoVerity LambertDalek

Question 8: The Daleks (also known as The Mutants) is a serial in the British science fiction television series ________, which was first broadcast weekly from 21 December 1963 to 1 February 1964.
Doctor WhoCompanion (Doctor Who)The Sarah Jane AdventuresTorchwood

Question 9: Roberta Tovey is the daughter of the late character actor George Tovey, who later appeared in Doctor Who as the poacher in ________ (1975).
Companion (Doctor Who)Pyramids of MarsDoctor (Doctor Who)The Brain of Morbius

Question 10: When the Daleks were destroyed in ________, events that took place after then, were removed from history.
Companion (Doctor Who)Remembrance of the DaleksThe Five DoctorsDoctor (Doctor Who)


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