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The Cure: Quiz


Question 1:
What role did Christopher Griffin play in the movie The Cure?
Preston Bailey
The Suitor

Question 2:
What role did Edith Storey play in the movie The Cure?
Tyler's Girlfriend
The Daughter
The Gardener's Wife
The Doctor's Wife

Question 3:
Who played Erik the movie The Cure?
Brad Renfro
Aeryk Egan
Max Wein
Brad Renfro

Question 4: Lol Tolhurst – drums, percussion, keyboards, ________ (1976–1989)
Electronic musicDrum machineElectronic musical instrumentSynthesizer

Question 5:
Which of the following genres does The Cure produce?

Question 6:
Who played Tyler's Buddy the movie The Cure?
Craig Watkinson
Frank Opperman
Charles Chaplin
Andrew Broder

Question 7:
Who played The Doctor's Wife the movie The Cure?
Edith Storey
Edna Purviance
Mona Powell
Edith Storey

Question 8:
What role did Charles Chaplin play in the movie The Cure?
The Inebriate

Question 9:
What role did Albert Austin play in the movie The Cure?
Dr. Marcus Cohen
Sanitarium Attendant
Tyler's Buddy

Question 10:
What role did Grace Lewis play in the movie The Cure?
The Daughter
The Doctor's Wife
The Gardener's Wife

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