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The Constant: Quiz


Question 1: Eloise dies of a probable ________ brought on by the exposure to the time lapse.
Vascular diseaseCerebral aneurysmCerebral venous sinus thrombosisCarotid artery stenosis

Question 2: [45] However, the award was eventually won by ________.
Mad MenGrey's AnatomyThe SopranosLost (TV series)

Question 3: A fake beard was glued onto Cusick for the episodes "________" and "Meet Kevin Johnson" while his beard grew back.
Lost (season 4)Ji YeonLost (TV series)Through the Looking Glass (Lost)

Question 4: Hawking (________), who explains that certain events are inevitable and the universe will eventually course-correct errors.
Kay LenzAlfre WoodardFionnula FlanaganBeulah Bondi

Question 5: Setting his electromagnetic device with the new number settings which Desmond has just given him, Daniel places his ________ Eloise in a maze and exposes her to purplish electromagnetic energy.
Caenorhabditis elegansModel organismZebrafishLaboratory rat

Question 6: [4] The writers claim to have been careful not to create a ________ when dealing with time travel, although whether it is possible to avoid paradox in time travel is debatable.
Ontological paradoxTemporal paradoxPredestination paradoxCausality

Question 7: ________ claimed that "the show's producers did their homework".
CNNString theoryM-theoryMichio Kaku

Question 8: [46] The episode was also given up for consideration in the category Outstanding Directing - Drama Series along with "The Shape of Things to Come" on ________'s behalf.
Jack BenderLost (TV series)Lost (season 6)Through the Looking Glass (Lost)

Question 9: [35] "The Constant" received high praise from ________ reviewer Chris Carabott calling it "a brilliantly executed hour of television " and "one of the finest episodes in the series".

Question 10: [26] Patrick Day of the ________ called the episode a "mind-blowing tour de force".
Sam ZellKTLAChicago TribuneLos Angeles Times


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