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Question 1:
Who played Buck Golder the movie The Canadian?
Wyndham Standing
Billy Butts
Charles Winninger
Thomas Meighan

Question 2:
Who played Ed Marsh the movie The Canadian?
Charles Winninger
Wyndham Standing
Thomas Meighan
Wyndham Standing

Question 3: The Canadian is a Canadian transcontinental passenger train originally operated by the ________.
Via RailCanadian National RailwayCanadian Pacific RailwayUnion Pacific Railroad

Question 4: While these cars were serviceable, American trains of the early 1950s, such as the ________, had already adopted streamlined all-stainless steel consists featuring domed observation cars.
Southwest ChiefCalifornia ZephyrAmtrakEmpire Builder

Question 5: Facing competition from airlines and increased automobile usage following construction of the ________, the CPR cancelled The Dominion in 1966, and petitioned the government to discontinue The Canadian in 1970.
Trans-Canada HighwayConfederation BridgeBritish Columbia Highway 1Yellowhead Highway

Question 6:
What role did Charles Winninger play in the movie The Canadian?
Pop Tyson
Buck Golder
Ed Marsh
Frank Taylor

Question 7:
Who played Pop Tyson the movie The Canadian?
Wyndham Standing
Charles Winninger
Charles Winninger
Thomas Meighan

Question 8: CPR christened their new ________ train The Canadian and service began on April 24, 1955.
FlagshipFlagship stationPublic Broadcasting ServiceCBS

Question 9: To complement the new rolling stock, the CPR ordered General Motors Diesel FP9 ________ to supplement an existing fleet of FP7s.
Steam locomotiveTrainLocomotiveRail transport

Question 10: It is currently operated by ________ (as the Canadian) with service between Union Station in Toronto, Ontario and Pacific Central Station in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Canadian National RailwayAmtrakVia RailCanadian Pacific Railway


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