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Question 1: It was released as a free download over the ________ on September 10, 2006 by the filmmaker.
InternetInternet Relay ChatE-mailWorld Wide Web

Question 2: Shortly afterward, Robert calls Richard and informs him that he may not attend the funeral because Amy and her mother have ________ from him.
Scientology and abortionDisconnectionScientology controversiesFair Game (Scientology)

Question 3: When Diane walks out to confront them, they ask her to step outside the church gate and proceed to tell her the story of ________ and the Wall of Fire from Operating Thetan level 3 (OT III).
Scientology controversiesScientologyL. Ron HubbardXenu

Question 4: A fictional story of involvement and disillusionment with ________, the film explicitly uses Scientology terms throughout, as well as including clips from actual Scientology promotional and training videos.
ScientologyScientology controversiesScientology status by countryXenu

Question 5: [5] While it is set against the background of the Church of Scientology and the ________, the characters and situations depicted are fictional.
Scientology and abortionTom Cruise: An Unauthorized BiographyDisconnectionSea Org

Question 6: At home, Richard is reading the ________ and web sites when he receives a panicked instant message from a friend.
Operation ClambakeScientology versus the InternetFight Against Coercive Tactics NetworkProject Chanology

Question 7: ________ officer Ronnie Miscavige describes the planetary Scientology dissemination campaign.
Scientology and abortionTom Cruise: An Unauthorized BiographyDisconnectionSea Org

Question 8: At a celebration of ________'s birthday, Robert announces that Diane has attained the state of Clear and gives her a Clear bracelet.
L. Ron HubbardSara Northrup HollisterMary Sue HubbardRonald DeWolf

Question 9: The girls have seen the ________ episode "Trapped in the Closet" and want to attend a service for their own amusement.
South ParkSouth Park (season 1)Eric CartmanBig Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride

Question 10: Church employees refuse to allow him to speak to her because, unbeknownst to him, he has been declared a ________.
Suppressive PersonDisconnectionMary Sue HubbardScientology


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