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Question 1: Peterman referred to opium as "the ________'s nightcap".
Asian AmericanUnited StatesChinamanThe Bookstore

Question 2: 5150, the code the security officer calls in to bust Uncle Leo, is actual police code for an ________ in California.
5150 (Involuntary psychiatric hold)DSM-IV CodesEx parteInvoluntary commitment

Question 3: "The Bookstore" is the 173rd episode of the ________ sitcom Seinfeld.
NBCUniversal SportsTelemundoShopNBC

Question 4: Media watchdog Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA) called on ________ to issue a public apology.
NBCTelemundoShopNBCUniversal Sports

Question 5: In her letter, Kingston wrote that the term is "equivalent to ________ for blacks and kikes for Jews".
RacismAfrican AmericanAmerican EnglishNigger

Question 6: The episode prompted many ________ viewers, including author Maxine Hong Kingston, to send letters of protest.
Japanese AmericanFilipino AmericanAsian AmericanIndian American

Question 7: George suggests that she tell everyone that she and Zach are dating, that way she won't be known as the "office skank." Kramer and Newman plan to implement Kramer's idea for running a ________ service in the city.
TaxicabCycle rickshawRickshawInter-city rail

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