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The Books of Homilies: Quiz


Question 1: The homilies also contain many historical spellings, based on the Vulgate and ________, of Biblical names such as Noe for Noah and Esay for Isaiah.
SeptuagintOld TestamentBiblical apocryphaNew Testament

Question 2: The 'Second Book' contains twenty-one sermons and was mainly written by ________ John Jewel.

Question 3: Book of Common Prayer
Morning and Evening Prayer
Eucharist • Liturgical Year
Books of Homilies
High Church • Low Church
Broad Church
Nevi'imBiblical canonChristian biblical canonsBible

Question 4: First among these was the ________ which caused a schism between the Western Eastern churches and ultimately the hostility of Rome to those parts of Christendom not under papal authority.
East–West SchismByzantine IconoclasmChristianity in the 4th centuryByzantine Empire

Question 5: During the reign of Edward VI and later during the reign of Elizabeth I, Thomas Cranmer and other English reformers saw the need for local congregations to be taught ________ theology and practice.
JesusCatholic ChurchChristianityChristian

Question 6: Each homily is heavily annotated with references to holy scripture, the ________ and other primary sources.
Church FathersEarly ChristianityCatholic ChurchEast–West Schism

Question 7: The reading of the homilies in church is still mandated under Article XXXV of the ________.
Anglican doctrineAnglicanismThomas CranmerThirty-Nine Articles

Question 8: ________
Rowan Williams
Primates' Meeting
Lambeth Conferences
Anglican Consultative Council
Bishops, Dioceses, and
Episcopal polity
Thomas CranmerChurch of EnglandWilliam LaudArchbishop of Canterbury

Question 9: Before the ________, the liturgy was conducted entirely in Latin, to which the common people listened passively except twice a year during Communion, when only the consecrated bread was administered.
English ReformationElizabethan Religious SettlementEcumenical councilProtestant Reformation

Question 10: Trinity (Father, Son, ________)
Theology • Doctrine
Thirty-Nine Articles
Caroline Divines
Oxford Movement
Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral
Sacraments • Mary • Saints
Holy SpiritNew TestamentGospelApostle (Christian)


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