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Question 1: His reasons were that the methods used by astrologers were conjectural rather than empirical, and that the views of astrologers conflicted with orthodox ________.
IslamMuslim historyIslamic schools and branchesMosque

Question 2: [15] Ibn Sīnā also referred to mayl to as being proportional to weight times velocity, a precursor to the concept of ________ in Newton's second law of motion.
ForceEnergyClassical mechanicsMomentum

Question 3: Avicenna's proof of God's existence is unique in that it can be classified as both a ________ and an ontological argument.
Teleological argumentCosmological argumentMonotheismDeism

Question 4: In The Book of Healing, Avicenna discussed the mind, its ________, the mind and body relationship, sensation, perception, etc.

Question 5: The philosophy of Ibn Sīnā, particularly that part relating to metaphysics, owes much to ________.
Islamic philosophyEarly Islamic philosophyAvicennismAl-Farabi

Question 6: This was particularly the case in ________, where Avicennism was later proscribed in 1210.
MarseilleParisVersaillesÉvry, Essonne

Question 7: Avicennism was also influential in medieval Europe, particular his doctrines on the nature of the soul and his existence-________ distinction, along with the debates and censure that they raised in scholastic Europe.
Immanuel KantEssenceGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelExistentialism

Question 8: These concepts were also embodied in the Theory of the Earth by ________ in the Eighteenth century C.E.
Scottish EnlightenmentDavid HumeJames HuttonBenjamin Franklin

Question 9: Following al-Farabi's lead, Avicenna initiated a full-fledged inquiry into the question of ________, in which he distinguished between essence (Mahiat) and existence (Wujud).

Question 10: While discussing the origins of mountains in The Book of Healing, Ibn Sina was also the first to outline one of the principles underlying ________, the law of superposition of strata:[7]
Julian calendarGeologic time scaleGregorian calendarCalendar


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