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Question 1: The novel The Bladerunner (also published as The Blade Runner) is a 1974 ________ novel by Alan E. Nourse.
CyberpunkScience fiction fandomAlternate historyScience fiction

Question 2: This treatment was published as the ________ Blade Runner (a movie).
SatireNovellaShort storyPoetry

Question 3: Both of the earlier works use the term "bladerunner" to describe ________ suppliers of items needed for medical care.
Underground economyPlantation economyAnarchist economicsMixed economy

Question 4: In 1979 ________ was commissioned to write a story treatment for a possible film adaptation.
William S. BurroughsDead City Radio (album)Naked LunchBeat Generation

Question 5: ________ bought any rights to the title "Blade Runner" that might have arisen from either the Nourse novel or the Burroughs story treatment.
1984 (advertisement)Hannibal (film)Alien (film)Ridley Scott

Question 6: The book is a version of a common science-fiction plot, which suggested the title of the 1982 science-fiction film ________ (which was otherwise unrelated beyond the common element of dystopian futures).
Gladiator (2000 film)Blade RunnerHannibal (film)Alien (film)

Question 7: The novel's protagonist is Billy Gimp, a man with a club foot who runs "blades" for Doc (Doctor John Long) as part of an illegal ________ for medical services.
Mixed economyPlantation economyAnarchist economicsUnderground economy

Question 8: The setting is a society where free, comprehensive medical treatment is available for anyone so long as they qualify for treatment under the ________ Laws.
Scientific racismNazi GermanyEugenicsThe Holocaust


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