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Question 1: The Queen is in high spirits, as it is her birthday and she has been given the county of ________ as a present.
Shropshire CouncilHerefordshireShropshireTelford and Wrekin

Question 2: He is clearly unhappy about the task he has been given, which is to arrange the festivities for both the Queen's birthday and the return of the Scottish hero ________ to the court.
Harry, Prince of Wales (Blackadder)List of minor Blackadder charactersBlackadderPrince Edmund (Blackadder)

Question 3: When the King begs him for ________, McAngus agrees, but only if Edmund begs for mercy.
Double jeopardyPardonJury trialCapital punishment

Question 4: When he finds out that the ________ scheduled to appear have cancelled, Edmund decides to have them executed.
Third genderEunuchGender identityTransgender

Question 5: The Black Adder (pilot) at the ________
CDNOWAmazon.comBox Office MojoInternet Movie Database

Question 6: Later, at a presentation in the great hall, the King gives McAngus all Edmund's lands in ________.
WalesScotlandEnglandUnited Kingdom

Question 7: The Black Adder is the unaired pilot episode of the television series ________.
Blackadder the ThirdBlackadderBlackadder Goes ForthBlackadder II

Question 8: Prince Edmund, Duke of York is in his chambers with his servants Percy and ________.
BaldrickEdmund BlackadderMelchettCaptain Blackadder

Question 9: The final shot is of the family coat of arms, inscribed with the motto: Veni Vidi Castratavi Illegitimos ("I came, I saw, I ________ the bastards").
PenisICD-9-CM Volume 3EunuchCastration

Question 10: John Savident plays the role of the King, who was replaced by ________ for the first series.
Patrick StewartBrian BlessedDoctor WhoEngland

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