The Beatles: Quiz


Question 1: [176] On 4 July, while work on the album was in progress, the first solo single by a member of The Beatles appeared: Lennon's "________", credited to the Plastic Ono Band.
Cold TurkeyImagine (song)Yoko OnoGive Peace a Chance

Question 2:
What role did The Beatles play in the movie Yellow Submarine ?
Jeremy Hilary Boob, Ph.D - Nowhere Man/Lord Mayor/Max
Chief Blue Meanie/Ringo

Question 3: The band's third single, "________", came out in April and was also a chart-topping hit.
From Me to YouPlease Please Me (song)Hey JudeCome Together

Question 4: Creative inspiration for the album came from an unexpected quarter when, with Epstein's guiding presence gone, the group turned to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as their ________.
Guru-shishya traditionGuruA. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami PrabhupadaHindu reform movements

Question 5:
Which of the following titles did The Beatles have?
The Strawberry Statement
Strawberry Blonde
"Strawberry Fields Forever"
Strawberry Panic! Girls' School in Fullbloom

Question 6: [267] All the remaining Beatles material from the singles and EPs which had not been issued on the original studio albums was gathered on the two-volume compilation ________ (1988).
I Want to Hold Your HandShe Loves YouPast MastersLet It Be (song)

Question 7: Harrison died from ________ on 29 November 2001.
Non-small cell lung carcinomaMesotheliomaSolitary pulmonary noduleLung cancer

Question 8: The Beatles were an English rock band, formed in ________ in 1960 and one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed acts in the history of popular music.

Question 9:
Who of the following was previously a member of The Beatles?

Question 10: [265] As icons of the 1960s counterculture, they became a catalyst for ________ and activism in various social and political arenas, fueling such movements as women's liberation, gay liberation and environmentalism.
Walter ScottCharles-Valentin AlkanBohemianismCaspar David Friedrich

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