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The Bat!: Quiz


Question 1: Programs such as SpamAssassin can detect many instances of forged "X-Mailer: The Bat!" headers by looking at other parts of the message, for example ________ body, message-id, charset and boundary information.
OpenDocumentHTMLECMAScriptPortable Document Format

Question 2: Version 4.1 (December 2008) adds HTML templates, support for ________ proxy, and a new mail database format that allows for an unlimited volume of mail.
IPv6SOCKSHypertext Transfer ProtocolDomain Name System

Question 3: It is well respected within the ________ industry,[2][3] and has won a number of awards.
Central processing unitComputerPersonal computerLinux

Question 4: In the marketplace it competes with Eudora, Pegasus Mail and several browser-integrated e-mail clients as a less virus-prone replacement[1] for Microsoft ________.
Outlook ExpressInternet ExplorerJScriptWindows Mail

Question 5: It supported folders, filtering, viewing ________ e-mail without the need to have Internet Explorer installed, and international character sets.
HTMLOpenDocumentPortable Document FormatECMAScript

Question 6: The Bat!'s text editor supports ________, internal image viewer supports rotate, advanced resize and zoom algorithms and full screen mode.
UnicodeUTF-8Universal Character SetHan unification

Question 7: Version 3.95 (December 2006) supports ________.
Open Shortest Path FirstIPsecIPv6IPv4

Question 8: The Bat! is a shareware e-mail client for the ________ operating system, developed by RitLabs, a company based in Chişinău, Moldova.
Internet ExplorerMicrosoft WindowsDirectXInternet Information Services


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