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The Balloon-Hoax: Quiz


Question 1: "The Balloon-Hoax" is the title used in collections and anthologies of a newspaper article written by ________, first published in 1844.
E. T. A. HoffmannWilliam BlakeJohann Wolfgang von GoetheEdgar Allan Poe

Question 2: Originally presented as a true story, it detailed European Monck Mason's trip across the ________ in only three days in a gas balloon.
Atlantic OceanPacific OceanIndian OceanArctic Ocean

Question 3: [9] The story is also an early form of ________, specifically responding to the emerging technology of hot air balloons.
CyberpunkScience fiction fandomScience fictionAlternate history

Question 4: [7] His use of real people, including ________, also lent credence to the story.
William Harrison AinsworthArtist and the AuthorRookwood (novel)Jack Sheppard (novel)


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