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Question 1: Although it was written in 1888, its controversial content made ________ and Heinrich Köselitz delay its publication, along with Ecce Homo.
Friedrich NietzscheBerlinFranz OverbeckGermany

Question 2: ."[63] Unlike the Jewish/Christian ________, the Hindu Law–Book of Manu lies for a good purpose.
Christianity and JudaismNevi'imBibleBiblical canon

Question 3: In ________'s philosophy, which was the most nihilistic and opposed to life, pity is the highest virtue of all.
ExistentialismFriedrich NietzscheGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelArthur Schopenhauer

Question 4: Schopenhauer was hostile to life: therefore pity became a virtue for him."[13] The moderns ________ and Richard Wagner adopted Schopenhauer's viewpoint.
Mikhail BakuninLeo TolstoyPeter KropotkinNestor Makhno

Question 5: Pascal, he claimed, was an intellectually strong man who was depraved by Christianity's teaching of ________.
Total depravityCatholic ChurchOriginal sinThomas Aquinas

Question 6: The words are: "the word idiot (das Wort Idiot)." ________'s English translation does not contain these words.
H. L. MenckenKu Klux KlanAntisemitismFranklin D. Roosevelt

Question 7: The reference to the Antichrist is not intended to refer to the biblical ________ but is rather an attack on the "slave morality" and apathy of Western Christianity.
Christian eschatologyCovenant theologySecond ComingAntichrist

Question 8: ________, on the other hand, recognized the unhealthiness of pity and prescribed tragedy as a purgative.
AristotlePlatoBertrand RussellEmpiricism

Question 9: In the ________, Genesis 3:5, God's, and therefore the priests', hellish anxiety regarding science has been chronicled, according to Nietzsche.
Old TestamentBibleBiblical apocryphaBiblical canon

Question 10: Consider too that the title itself is part of the polemic Nietzsche makes here against ________.
Paul-Armand Challemel-LacourClaude BernardAndré-Hercule de FleuryErnest Renan

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