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Question 1: One Hermetic maxim states, "While All is in The All, it is equally true that The All is in All." [1] The All can also seen to be ________, possessing both masculine and feminine qualities in equal part [2].
AndrogynyTransgenderThird genderTranssexualism

Question 2: If the universe is completely a mental construct, then the mind must be able to mold it and shape it, in an experience that can become closer and closer to ________ as skills improve.
Sleep paralysisSleepHypnagogiaLucid dream

Question 3: Nous bridges the gap between The All and its contents, and is described having taught Hermes Trismegistus his initial knowledge on God and the divine in Book 1 of the ________.
RosicrucianismHermeticismHermeticaHermetism and other religions

Question 4: The Word is used, by inhabiting the elements, to create destiny, the "seven governors" (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and ________ of astrology) and was used to organize Chaos.
Io (moon)Ganymede (moon)Callisto (moon)Jupiter

Question 5: It can be said that this corresponds to the ideas of or about the ________, with respect to the interpretation of an all ecompassing force above all other.
East Asian religionsTaoismTaoBuddhism

Question 6: The All has three aspects which are known as The Father and the "Sons of God," put forth in the ________:
Hermes TrismegistusHermetism and other religionsHermeticismHermetica

Question 7: Topics in Hermetism
Qabalah Occult and divinatory tarot Hermetists and Hermeticists
________ .
EuropeJohn DeeEnglandLondon

Question 8: Because of this view, some Hermetics also believe in the reality of magic, though magic much less visible than seen in ________ and television shows.
Fairy taleFablePoetryFantasy

Question 9: In ________,THE ALL (Ba Kuluwm) is the concept of the infinite, formlessness that exist, before physical manifestation.
SlaveryBlack supremacyNuwaubianismRacism

Question 10: The Word was ________" and Reason is given to The Workman, The Master-Builder, and The Maker of Things.
ReasonEmpiricismBertrand RussellAristotle


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