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The Alien (Animorphs): Quiz


Question 1: The Alien is the eighth book in the ________ series, written by K. A. Applegate.
The Pretender (Animorphs)The Arrival (Animorphs)The Change (Animorphs)Animorphs

Question 2: He reasons that if the Andalites had done the same with the ________ world, they may not have been enslaved.
The Hork-Bajir ChroniclesAldreaHork-BajirCassie (Animorphs)

Question 3: With his host body having been poisoned, the Yeerk ________ leaves it.
Alloran-Semitur-CorrassEllimistAndaliteVisser Three

Question 4: After destroying the Kandrona, the Animorphs assumed that they would see people freeing themselves of the ________.
AndaliteCassie (Animorphs)Aximili-Esgarrouth-IsthillYeerk


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