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The Adventures of Superboy (TV series): Quiz


Question 1: and the estate of ________ over the rights to the "Superboy" name.
SupermanJoe ShusterKrypton (comics)Jerry Siegel

Question 2: The Batman/Superman Hour premiered on September 14, 1968, featuring Superboy and Superman shorts alongside the adventures of ________, Robin and Batgirl.
BatmanCopperhead (DC Comics)Superman & Batman: GenerationsSuperman/Batman

Question 3: This 60-minute program included new Superboy and Superman segments, and adventures featuring ________ and his sidekick Aqualad.
AquamanQwspLex LuthorBatman

Question 4: The 34 segments appeared as part of three different programs during that time, packaged with similar shorts featuring The New Adventures of Superman other ________ superheroes.
American comic bookDC ComicsVertigo (DC Comics)Batman

Question 5: In 1985, Warner Home Video released eight selected episodes of the series on VHS in the "Super Powers" video collection along with ________, Batman, and Superman.
AquamanQwspFlash (Barry Allen)Lex Luthor

Question 6: ________ was first broadcast on September 9, 1967.
The Superman/Aquaman Hour of AdventureQwspJustice League: Crisis on Two EarthsDoctor Light (Arthur Light)

Question 7: The Adventures of Superboy was a series of six-minute animated Superboy cartoons produced by Filmation that were broadcast on ________ between 1966 and 1969.
The CW Television NetworkNBCAmerican Broadcasting CompanyCBS

Question 8: It also comprised a rotating series of 'guest star' cartoons featuring the Atom, the Flash and Kid Flash, the Green Lantern, ________ and the Teen Titans (Speedy, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl and Aqualad).
HawkmanHawkgirlGardner FoxHawkman (Carter Hall)


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