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The 7th Saga: Quiz


Question 1: Esuna Busy (Elf): An ________ magic user and the game's only female protagonist, Esuna seems to regard the search for the runes as some sort of fun adventure.
DwarfGermanic paganismElfYule

Question 2: Lux Tizer (Tetujin): A 5000-year old ________ created by a long extinct civilization.
RoboticsHumanoid robotRobotAutomaton

Question 3: Valsu Saizer (Human): An elderly ________ who has dedicated his life to the cause of good, Valsu wishes to use the runes to bring peace and prosperity to the world.
LutheranismPriestLiturgical bookBishop

Question 4: The 7th Saga is a role playing game for the ________, known as Elnard (エルナード ?) in Japan.
WiiNintendo GameCubeSuper Nintendo Entertainment SystemNintendo 64

Question 5: Lejes Rimul (Demon): A power-hungry ________.
DemonChristian demonologyDemonologyUnclean spirit


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