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The 3DO Company: Quiz


Question 1: The launch of the platform in October, 1993 was well-promoted, with a great deal of press attention in the mass media as part of the "________ wave" in the computer world at the time.
Electronic mediaThe artsFilmMultimedia

Question 2: The 3DO console itself was priced at $699[1], and the promised "early adopters" never showed up to purchase mass quantities of ________.
Tabletop gameGameVideo gameBoard game

Question 3: After abandoning the 3DO console the company acquired Cyclone Studios, Archetype Interactive and ________.
Might and Magic IXMight and MagicNew World ComputingKing's Bounty

Question 4: During the late 1990s, the company published one of the first 3D ________: Meridian 59, which survives on to this day at the hands of some of the game's original developers.
Role-playing video gameTactical role-playing gameMassively multiplayer online gameMassively multiplayer online role-playing game

Question 5: To game publishers, the low $3 royalty rate per game was a better deal than the higher royalties paid to ________ and Sega when making games for their consoles.
Canon (company)NintendoFujitsuSony

Question 6: Its Might and Magic and especially ________ series from subsidiary New World Computing were perhaps the most popular among their games at the time of release.
Heroes of Might and MagicHeroes of Might and Magic IIIHeroes of Might and Magic IIKing's Bounty

Question 7: After struggling for several years, the company filed for ________ bankruptcy in May 2003.
Chapter 7, Title 11, United States CodeChapter 13, Title 11, United States CodeChapter 12, Title 11, United States CodeChapter 11, Title 11, United States Code

Question 8: The company's biggest hit was its series of Army Men games, featuring the generic green plastic soldier toys that had been re-popularized by the unrelated movie ________.
Monsters, Inc.Toy StoryToy Story 2Cars (film)

Question 9: After the 3DO Company's flagship video game console, the ________ failed in the marketplace, the company exited the hardware business and became a third-party video game developer.
Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNintendo 64Sega Saturn3DO Interactive Multiplayer


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