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The 100-Mile Diet: Quiz


Question 1: In 2009, Food Network Canada aired ________, a television series co-created by MacKinnon and Smith and based on the book.
The 100 Mile ChallengeBritish ColumbiaThe 100-Mile DietVancouver

Question 2: MacKinnon's idea of local eating began while visiting their cabin in northern ________ in August 2004.
British ColumbiaAlbertaOntarioCanada

Question 3: Staples in their diet included ________, chicken, root vegetable, berries, and corn.
Fish (food)SeafoodFish productsFishing industry

Question 4: They were overwhelmed by the response, first from other ________ and then from local and international news media.
Sustainable agricultureLocal foodSustainabilityCorporate farming

Question 5: In December, Smith travels to ________ where her grandmother feeds her microwaved pasta which she accepts.
EdmontonDowntown EdmontonOld Strathcona124 Street, Edmonton

Question 6: In November, during a family emergency, MacKinnon travels to ________ where he suspends his 100-mile diet a few days.
VancouverKelownaBritish ColumbiaKamloops

Question 7: The 100-mile diet concept, along with advocates of ________, were covered by media across North America.
Local foodSustainabilityCorporate farmingSustainable agriculture

Question 8: The couple learn about Mexican and Maya cuisine while in ________ for a wedding.
DzidzantúnTekantóYucatánMérida, Yucatán

Question 9: While the concept of only eating locally grown food is not new, the book coincided with the emerging popularity of the ________ movement and farmer's markets.
Sustainable agricultureSustainabilityLocal foodCorporate farming

Question 10: The couple spend August at their cabin in northwestern BC where they fish the ________, pick wild berries, and eat whatever grows in their garden.
Terrace, British ColumbiaHazelton, British ColumbiaSkeena RiverBritish Columbia


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