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That's Just the Way It Is: Quiz


Question 1: The song is an anti-war ballad, about the conflict in ________, The Troubles.
Irish peopleUnited KingdomNorthern IrelandScotland

Question 2: Don McLeese of ________ said that David Crosby was "used more effectively" on this song than any other song which had Crosby on the album.
Chicago Sun-Times330 North WabashTrump International Hotel and Tower (Chicago)Chicago Tribune

Question 3: "That's Just the Way It Is" is a single performed by Phil Collins that was released in 1990, from the album ________.
No Jacket RequiredHello, I Must Be Going! (album)...But SeriouslyIn the Air Tonight

Question 4: ________ sings backing vocals in the song.
Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungDavid CrosbyCrosby & NashGraham Nash

Question 5: ________ is featured in backing vocals in the song, and even sings a duet with Collins at times.
David CrosbyCrosby, Stills, Nash & YoungGraham NashCrosby & Nash

Question 6: The song, according to Collins, is an anti-war ballad that heavily deals with ________ of Northern Ireland.
Omagh bombingBloody Sunday (1972)Provisional Irish Republican Army campaign 1969–1997The Troubles

Question 7: The song reached #26 in the ________.
The Official Charts CompanyUK Albums ChartUK Singles ChartEcho (music award)


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