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Thar Desert: Quiz


Question 1:, Thar Desert (________)
World Wide Fund for NatureSustainabilityNatural environmentConservation biology

Question 2: The more humid conditions that prevail near the Aravallis prevent the extension of Thar Desert towards the east and the ________ Valley.
Bhagirathi RiverYamunaIndus RiverGanges

Question 3: Its roots also encourage ________ fixation, which produces higher crop yields.

Question 4: The Luni flows through part of ________, Barmer, Jalor, Jodhpur, Nagaur, Pali, and Sirohi districts and Mithavirana Vav Radhanpur region of Banaskantha North Gujarat.

Question 5: Solar energy based plant has been established at Bhaleri in ________ district to convert hard water into drinking water.
ChuruTaranagarBikanerRatangarh, Churu

Question 6: According to ________, Jambūdvīpa is at the centre of Madhyaloka, or the middle part of the universe, where the humans reside.
Jain philosophyKarma in JainismJainism and non-creationismJain cosmology

Question 7: The ________ is another intermittent river in India, flowing during the monsoon rains.
Ravi RiverGhaggar-Hakra riverSutlejIndus River

Question 8: It is a desolate country where sand is piled up into huge wind blown ________ (known as an erg).
Sediment transportDuneOxbow lakeDrainage basin

Question 9: The Thar desert seems an ideal place for generation of electricity from ________.
Wind powerSolar powerWind power in New ZealandPickens Plan

Question 10: ________ and Jaisalmer are located in the desert proper.


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