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Thanos: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2:
What type is thing is Thanos?
Live album
NICTD station

Question 3:
What powers does Thanos have?
Interdimensional travel,
Immortality, vast magical powers
Superhuman strength, stamina, durability, longevity and intelligence

Question 4: [9] It is followed by a series of annual company-wide crossovers featuring Thanos, anchored by the ________ Infinity Gauntlet, in which Thanos erases half the population of the universe, hoping to win the heart of Death.
Limited seriesEisner AwardDC ComicsCrisis on Infinite Earths

Question 5: The Life of Captain Marvel (collects ________ #55, Captain Marvel #25-34, and Marvel Feature #12, 1991, ISBN 087135635X)
Iron ManAdvanced Idea MechanicsStan LeeStark Tower

Question 6: Writer-artist ________ originally conceived Thanos of Titan during college psychology classes.
Stan LeeEagle Award (comics)Jim StarlinSilver Surfer

Question 7:
Which of the following titles did Thanos have?
Cleveland Browns first round draft pick
Demolition Man
Elections in New South Wales

Question 8:

Question 9: Thanos features in the animated television series Silver Surfer (1998) voiced by Gary Krawford and the The Super Hero Squad Show (2009) voiced by ________.
Steven BlumDigimon: The MovieImmortal Grand PrixWolverine and the X-Men

Question 10:
When did Thanos make his debut?
Uncanny X-Men #99 , Uncanny X-Men #285, February 1992
Iron Man #55
Strange Adventures #104


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