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Thames Television: Quiz


Question 1: Drew was suffering a mental illness and believed ________ was part of a government experiment to hypnotise people via television transmissions.
David FrostHarold WilsonRowan & Martin's Laugh-InThe Carol Burnett Show

Question 2: The ITA ordered ABC's Managing Director ________ to be appointed in a similar capacity at the new station.
EnglandHoward ThomasUnited KingdomThames Television

Question 3: ________ was a history of the Second World War using unseen footage and interviews at hight level.
World War IIAxis powersStrategic bombing during World War IIThe World at War

Question 4: ABC still owned facilities at Teddington, Aston (co-owned with ATV), ________ and sales offices in central Manchester while Rediffusion owned Wembley and Television House [6].

Question 5: Thames Television was a licensee of the British ________ television network, covering London and parts of the surrounding counties on weekdays from 30 July 1968 until 31 December 1992.

Question 6: It also produced the children's show Magpie, intended as a rival for ________.
Gethin JonesBlue PeterKonnie HuqZöe Salmon

Question 7: Ultimately, pressure from other ITV companies (notably ________) forced Thames to sell them back to the distributor at a loss.
Tyne Tees TelevisionGranada ProductionsGranada TelevisionYorkshire Television

Question 8: After 1992, Thames continued to produce programmes for the ITV network and other UK and international broadcasters, a notable example being the long-running police drama ________.
EastEndersThe BillEmmerdaleCoronation Street

Question 9: Although Carlton initially stuck to its practice of outside-commissioning, it later acquired Midlands franchisee ________, and hence became one of the UK's largest commercial producers.
Yorkshire TelevisionITV Thames ValleyCentral Independent TelevisionMeridian Broadcasting

Question 10: In 1976, the punk band ________ uttered obscenities on the live show evening news programme Today.
Sid ViciousJohn LydonSex PistolsPunk rock

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