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Thallium: Quiz


Question 1: [18] The generator contains ________-201 (half life 9.33 hours) which decays by electron capture to the thallium-201.

Question 2: The major source of commercial thallium is the trace amounts found in ________, lead, zinc, and other sulfide ores.

Question 3: It also occurs as trace in ________ and extracted as a by-product of roasting this ore for sulfuric acid production.

Question 4: These glasses have room temperature properties that are similar to ordinary glasses and are durable, insoluble in water and have unique ________.
Dispersion (optics)Refractive indexOpticsMetamaterial

Question 5: used in the treatment of ________ and other skin infections.
OnychomycosisRingwormTinea versicolorAthlete's foot

Question 6: This soft gray malleable ________ resembles tin but discolors when exposed to air.
Periodic table (standard)Periodic tableHalogenPost-transition metal

Question 7: One of the main methods of removing thallium (both radioactive and normal) from humans is to use ________, which is a solid ion exchange material which absorbs thallium and releases potassium.
Prussian blueMethylene blueEthanolPotassium permanganate

Question 8: Thallium is highly toxic and is used in rat poisons and ________, but its use has been cut back or eliminated in many countries.

Question 9: [7] Claude-Auguste Lamy used a similar spectrometer to Crookes' to determine the composition of a selenium-containing substance which was deposited during the production of sulfuric acid from ________.

Question 10: ________ and Claude-Auguste Lamy both started to use the new method.
Ernest RutherfordJ. J. ThomsonCyril Norman HinshelwoodWilliam Crookes

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