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Question 1: In his book, Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!, the late physics ________ laureate Richard P. Feynman described his experiences as he once sat in a commission that evaluated science textbooks.
Nobel FoundationNobel Peace PrizeNobel Prize controversiesNobel Prize

Question 2:
Textbook, Philadelphia Badlands and The Saudi Repatriates Report are all:
NPOV disputes from February 2009 Textbooks NPOV disputes from December 2007 All NPOV disputes

Question 3: Most notably, an increasing number of authors are foregoing commercial publishers and offering their textbooks under a ________ or other open license.
Open-source softwareCopyleftCreative Commons licensesCreative Commons

Question 4: ________ himself may have printed editions of Ars Minor, a schoolbook on Latin grammar by Aelius Donatus.
IncunablePrinting pressJohannes GutenbergMovable type

Question 5: Discussions of textbooks have been included on ________ and evolution in the public education debate.
CreationismAtheismReligionRelationship between religion and science

Question 6: Casebook - A special type of textbook used in ________.
Juris DoctorAdmission to the bar in the United StatesLegal education in the United StatesLaw school in the United States

Question 7: Texts specifically designated for educational purposes were written in ________.
Ancient GreeceAlexander the GreatRoman GreeceClassical antiquity

Question 8: Authors such as ________ (A People's History of the United States), Gilbert T.
Howard ZinnNoam ChomskyEmma GoldmanRichard Nixon

Question 9: Similar to the issue of reimportation of ________ into the U.S.
Psychoactive drugAntidepressantPharmaceutical drugDrug

Question 10:
Textbook, The New England Primer and The American Pageant are all:
Textbooks NPOV disputes from February 2009 NPOV disputes from December 2007 All NPOV disputes


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