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Text user interface: Quiz


Question 1: Later, the interface became deeply influenced by ________, adding pull-down menus, overlapping windows, dialog boxes and GUI widgets operated by mnemonics or keyboard shortcuts.
Graphical user interfaceWidget toolkitX Window SystemDesktop environment

Question 2: Video circuits or modules are usually controlled using VT100-compatible command set over ________, FPGA designs usually allow direct video memory access.
RS-232Universal Serial Bus16550 UARTUniversal asynchronous receiver/transmitter

Question 3: TUIs are different from ________ in that, like GUIs, they use the entire screen area and do not necessarily provide line-by-line output.
Command-line interfaceCommand-line interpreterWindows PowerShellUnix

Question 4: TUI short for: Text User Interface or Textual User Interface (and sometimes Terminal User Interface), is a retronym that was coined sometime after the invention of ________, to distinguish them from text-based user interfaces.
Widget toolkitGraphical user interfaceDesktop environmentX Window System

Question 5: Users could move the cursor over the entire screen area, entering and editing ________ program lines, as well as direct mode commands.
Visual Basic .NETVisual BasicBASICAtari BASIC

Question 6: Since the beginning, ________ includes a console for displaying MS-DOS software.
Internet Information ServicesInternet ExplorerDirectXMicrosoft Windows

Question 7: However, TUIs only use text and symbols available on a typical ________, while GUIs typically use high-resolution graphics modes.
Terminal emulatorComputerUnixComputer terminal

Question 8: ________, a type of game typically using a TUI
Tactical role-playing gameRole-playing video gameComputer role-playing gameRoguelike

Question 9: On IBM PCs and compatibles, the ________ and MS-DOS system calls provide a way of writing text on the screen, and the ANSI.SYS driver could process standard ANSI escape sequences.
Operating systemBIOSExtensible Firmware InterfaceMacintosh

Question 10: Some of these interfaces survive even during the ________ Windows 3.
DirectXInternet ExplorerMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoft


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