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Text messaging: Quiz


Question 1: [7] It is a very influential and powerful tool in the ________, where the average user sends 10–12 text messages a day.
East TimorUnited StatesPapua New GuineaPhilippines

Question 2: In 2006, the Scottish Socialist Party initiated a campaign for people to text the First minister ________ to demonstrate their support for free school meals.
Tom McCabeScottish Parliament election, 2007Jack McConnellAndy Kerr

Question 3: Japan was among the first countries to widely adopt short messages, with pioneering non-GSM services including J-Phone's "SkyMail" and ________'s "Short Mail".
KDDIToyotaNippon Telegraph and TelephoneNTT docomo

Question 4: Information on Text Messaging SMS Services and how they work at ________
YouTubeGoogle searchGoogleGoogle Videos

Question 5: [citation needed] However, the addition of AT&T-powered SMS voting on the television program ________ has introduced many Americans to SMS, and usage is on the rise.
American Idol (season 8)American IdolAmerican Idol (season 6)American Idol Extra

Question 6: Text messaging, also known as "texting", refers to the exchange of brief written messages between mobile phones over ________.
Cellular networkIS-95Universal Mobile Telecommunications SystemCDMA2000

Question 7: In Italy, ________ and the United Kingdom the figure was around 35–40 SMS messages per month.

Question 8: Given that an SMS message is at most 160 ________ in size, this cost scales to a cost of $1,310[70] per megabyte sent via text message.
Pointer (computing)ByteBitInteger (computer science)

Question 9: The Book of Alternative Records lists Chris Young of ________, as the world record holder for the fastest 160 character text message where the contents of the message are not provided ahead of time.
Salem, OregonAlbany, OregonKeizer, OregonPortland, Oregon

Question 10: The small phone keypad caused a number of adaptations of spelling, as in the phrase "txt msg", or use of ________, such as in "ThisIsVeryLame".
CamelCaseCapitalizationLetter caseProgramming language

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