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Texas Oil Boom: Quiz


Question 1: In 1879, ________ was granted the first patent on a reliable gasoline-powered engine in Germany.
AutomobileMercedes 35 hpStuttgartKarl Benz

Question 2: [68] Oil-related growth led to the creation of many new institutions including the University of Houston, the Museum of Fine Arts, ________, the Houston Zoo, and the Houston Symphony Orchestra.
Texas Medical CenterHouston Museum DistrictHermann ParkRice University

Question 3: ________
Oil and gas law in the United StatesProperty lawShariaCommon law

Question 4: ________ and Texas quickly became the leading oil producing states in the U.S.; soon the nation overtook the Russian Empire as the top producer of petroleum.

Question 5: [27] Henry Ford soon refined the concept so that by 1914 middle-class laborers could afford automobiles built by ________.
Ford Motor CompanyVauxhall MotorsFord Focus (international)Ford Fairmont

Question 6: After heavy logging during the 19th century, the clearing of fields for oil exploration and the demand for lumber to be used in new construction destroyed most of the remaining ________ lands in the state.
Old-growth forestTemperate broadleaf and mixed forestsForestTree

Question 7: [103] A ________ emerged of the nouveau-riche Texas oil millionaire, popularized by the media.
AntisemitismStereotypeRacismEthnic cleansing

Question 8: Edgar Hoover and President ________.
Jimmy CarterLyndon B. JohnsonJohn F. KennedyHarry S. Truman

Question 9: [78] Communities dealt with these problems by establishing ________, education districts formed independently of city or county government with their own independent taxing authority.
KentuckySchool districtMarylandTexas

Question 10: This sentiment led to a series of antitrust lawsuits by the state ________ starting in 1906.
Attorney generalCanadaUnited KingdomSingapore


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