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Tetsuya Nomura: Quiz


Question 1:
What was Tetsuya Nomura's birth name?
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Kermit Moyer
Scott C. Reeves

Question 2: In 1998, he worked on both Parasite Eve & ________.
PlayStationMusashi: Samurai LegendBrave Fencer MusashiFinal Fantasy VIII

Question 3:
What is the nationality of Tetsuya Nomura?

Question 4:
What is Tetsuya Nomura known for?
Economics and Mathematics
painting, sculpture
Video game director, character design, illustration.

Question 5:
When is Tetsuya Nomura's birthday?

Question 6: It was a huge critical and commercial success and became the definitive role playing game for the ________.
PlayStation 2PlayStationPlayStation 3PlayStation Portable

Question 7: He was also responsible for the complete designing and orchestration of ________ for the Nintendo DS.
The World Ends with YouKingdom Hearts IIKingdom HeartsFinal Fantasy

Question 8: Nomura did not gain recognition until 1995, when Square asked him to be the character designer for ________ to replace Yoshitaka Amano, the series' original character designer.
Final Fantasy XIFinal Fantasy VIIIFinal Fantasy XFinal Fantasy VII

Question 9: In 1997, Nomura worked on 1999's ________, a game that achieved commercial success, where he returned as the character designer.
Final Fantasy XIFinal Fantasy XFinal Fantasy VIIIFinal Fantasy X-2

Question 10: In the early 1990s, Square hired him to work as a debugger for ________ and following it as a monster designer for Final Fantasy V and then as graphic director and minor character designer for Final Fantasy VI.
Final Fantasy IIIFinal Fantasy IVFinal Fantasy VIIFinal Fantasy (video game)

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