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Question 1: Speedam/Speedy Wonder (スピーダム/スピーディーワンダー Supīdamu/Supīdī Wandā ?): Wonder ________-type robot with a dog-type biochip.
DogCoat (dog)Dog healthDog breed

Question 2: Torabolt (トラボルト Toraboruto ?): Wonder ________-type robot with a tiger-type biochip.
Gray WolfLionDholeTiger

Question 3: It is a partial sequel to ________, as the two groups meet up.
B-Fighter KabutoJuukou B-FighterTetsuwan Tantei RobotackB-Robo Kabutack

Question 4: Artist: ________ (影山 ヒロノブ Kageyama Hironobu ?)
Dragon Ball Z: Burst LimitJAM ProjectHironobu KageyamaBakuryū Sentai Abaranger

Question 5: He had worked for the ________ in Paris, adapting a French accent as a result.
National Police (France)National GendarmeriePrefecture of PoliceRecherche Assistance Intervention Dissuasion

Question 6: Master Ranking (マスターランキング Masutā Rankingu ?): An ________ and a whale robot who appears when a Badge is found.
ElephantHippopotamusLionAsian Elephant

Question 7: Elder (長老 Chōrō ?): A ________-type robot.
Dog healthDogCoat (dog)Dog breed

Question 8: Takamine did not go smoothly, and so he had a ________-type biochip instead, but it was exchanged for the tiger-type biochip by Dr.
Gray WolfLionRaccoonCat

Question 9: Mightburn/Mighty Wonder (マイトバーン/マイティーワンダー Maitobān/Maitī Wandā ?): Wonder ________-type robot with a monkey-type biochip who was created by Speedam, although he is evil.
Old World monkeyHominidaePrimateMonkey

Question 10: Darkrow (ダークロー Dākurō ?): Wonder ________-type robot with a crow-type biochip.
CorvidaeCrowCorvus (genus)Common Raven


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