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Tetrarchy: Quiz


Question 1:
Tetrarchy, Roman Empire and Decline of the Roman Empire are all:
293 establishments Roman Empire Monarchy Oligarchy

Question 2: For a listing of the provinces, now known as eparchy, within each quarter (known as a praetorian prefecture), see ________.
HispaniaGallia BelgicaRoman provinceRoman Britain

Question 3:
Tetrarchy, South Africa under apartheid and Feudalism are all:
Constitutional state types Oligarchy Forms of government 293 establishments

Question 4: ________, a port on the Adriatic coast, and Eburacum (modern York, in northern England near the Celtic tribes of modern Scotland and Ireland), were also significant centres for Maximian and Constantius respectively.
Gemona del FriuliCividale del FriuliCervignano del FriuliAquileia

Question 5: The constellation of Jewish principalities in Roman Palestine: for instance, Herod Antipas ruled ________ and Perea as a tetrarch (so styled in the gospel of Matthew, but rendered as king in the Gospel of Mark).
GalileeTiberiasBeit She'anNazareth

Question 6: What does the following picture show?

  Constantine at the battle of the Milvian Bridge, fresco by Raphael, Vatican Rooms.
  The Tetrarchs, a porphyry sculpture sacked from a Byzantine palace in 1204, Treasury of St. Marks, Venice
  Constantine at the battle of the Milvian Bridge, fresco by Raphael, Vatican Rooms.
  Maximianus joined the secessionist regime of his son, Maxentius, in Italy. Constantine joined the secessionist alliance by marrying Maximianus' daughter, Fausta, and by supporting Maxentius in Italy. However, Constantine remained neutral with Galerius, but he still took the title of Augustus in the secessionist regime.

Question 7: ________ (modern Milan, near the Alps), not Rome, was the capital of Maximian, the western Augustus; his domain became "Italia et Africa", with only a short exterior border.
Theodosius IDiocletianMediolanumWestern Roman Empire

Question 8: Roman citizenship
Cursus honorumAncient RomeRoman consulPraetor

Question 9:
Tetrarchy, Emperor and Emperor Norton are all:
Forms of government Roman Empire 293 establishments Emperors

Question 10: [5] These men and their successors Probus,[6] Roman Emperor (276–8), was a native of Sirmium in ________, and Diocletian[7] was Roman Emperor (284–305) and his colleagues in what became to be know as the Tetrarchy.
Dacia (Roman province)PannoniaUpper PannoniaRoman Britain

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