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Tetrarch: Quiz


Question 1: one of the four co-emperors of the Roman Empire under the ________.
Roman EmperorTetrarchyAncient RomeWestern Roman Empire

Question 2: Tetrarch (Well of Echoes), a book by Ian Irvine, part of the ________ series
Geomancer (Well of Echoes)ScrutatorThe Well of EchoesThe Three Worlds Cycle

Question 3:
  • the Tetrarchs of ________ under Philip II of Macedon

Question 4: in the ________, a tetrarchos was the soldier given command over 4 men in a file.
Byzantine armyByzantine EmpireByzantine navyTheme (Byzantine district)

Question 5: ________, a British light tank of World War II
Light Tank Mk VIIIChurchill tankValentine tankLight Tank Mk VII Tetrarch

Question 6: the Tetrarchs of Roman Palestine, such as ________
Herod the GreatHerod Philip IIHerod AntipasHerod Archelaus


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