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Tet Offensive: Quiz


Question 1: According to the ________, "A fork in the road had been reached and the alternatives stood out in stark reality."[199] To meet Wheeler's request would mean a total U.S.
Pentagon PapersThe New York TimesLyndon B. JohnsonDaniel Ellsberg

Question 2: Strangely, the followers of the Chinese line centered their strategy against the allies on large-scale, main force actions rather than the protracted guerrilla war espoused by ________.
Mao ZedongZhou EnlaiChiang Kai-shekDeng Xiaoping

Question 3:
When was the Tet Offensive?
Phase 1: 30/1 - 28/3, Phase 2: 5/5 - 15/6, Phase 3: 17/8 - 30/9/1968
First Phase: July 2006
Match 3, 17:30
Group 3 Match day 2

Question 4:
Where did Tet Offensive take place?

Question 5: Planning in ________ for a winter-spring offensive during 1968 had begun in early 1967 and continued until early the following year.

Question 6:
How many casualties were there in the Tet Offensive?
214 killed,
In phase 1::
400 prisoners and 700 dead

Question 7: Forces of the National Liberation Front for South Vietnam (Viet Cong), and the People's Army of Vietnam (the North Vietnamese army), fought against the forces of the ________ (South Vietnam), the United States, and their allies.
Army of the Republic of VietnamSouth VietnamNgo Dinh DiemVietnam War

Question 8:
What was Tet Offensive a part of?
the Vietnam War, Indochina Wars and Cold War
the Tet Offensive, Vietnam War
The Vietnam War
the Vietnam War

Question 9:
Which of the following was a combatant in the Tet Offensive?
North Vietnam later as Vietnam
, French Unionn* Francen* State of Vietnam
South Vietnam
North Vietnam

Question 10: There was a discrepancy, however, between MACV and the ________'s (CIA) order of battle estimates concerning the strength of communist guerrilla forces within South Vietnam.
Defense Intelligence AgencyCold WarCentral Intelligence AgencyNational Security Agency


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