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Tesco: Quiz


Question 1:
Who of the following is a key person at Tesco?
Joey Durel, Terry Huval
Timothy L. Terry
Sir Terry Leahy
Terry Stepien, President,

Question 2: [74] As Formjet is exclusive distributor for ________ and Ability Plus Software, packages from these companies are likely to feature.
Kaspersky LabPanda SecurityTrend MicroMcAfee

Question 3:
When was Tesco founded?
Montreal, Quebec in 1919
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1919
East Haven, Connecticut, Connecticut, USA
1919 in East London by Jack Cohen

Question 4:
What industry is Tesco in?
RISC Semiconductors Microprocessors
Building and Construction Materials
Diversified Retail

Question 5: Tesco ________ opened in 1996 as part of Tesco's international expansion aims.
Czech RepublicSlovakiaPolandHungary

Question 6: Tesco continues to advertise on ________'s controversial Glenn Beck Show despite 60 major US companies, and a number of UK companies, pulling their advertisements.
Fox Business NetworkCNNFox News ChannelBloomberg Television

Question 7:

Question 8:
How many employees does Tesco have?

Question 9:
Which of these is a Tesco product?
Healthline Search
Manufacture and supply of metals and metal products
Groceries, Consumer goods, financial services, telecoms
Healthline Ad Network

Question 10: This allows it to sell ________, DVDs and electronic games through its web site without charging VAT.
Compact DiscMiniDiscUniversal Media DiscDigital Audio Tape


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