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Terrorist financing: Quiz


Question 1: Paramilitary groups in ________ are using legitimate businesses such as hotels, pubs and taxi operators to launder money and fund political activities.
ScotlandIrish peopleNorthern IrelandUnited Kingdom

Question 2: Terrorists also continue to move monies through MSBs/________, and through international ATM transactions.
HawalaShariaIslamic bankingInformal value transfer system

Question 3: It would be difficult to determine by the activity alone whether the particular act was related to terrorism or to ________.
GangSerbian mafiaRussian MafiaOrganized crime

Question 4: Wire transfers by charitable organisations to companies located in countries known to be bank or ________.
Tax havenValue added taxDeposit insuranceTax rates around the world

Question 5: Initially the focus of enforcement efforts for CFT purposes were on charities, unregistered money services businesses(MSBs) (so called underground banking or ‘________’), and registered MSBs that were unregulated for CFT.
HawalaShariaIslamic bankingInformal value transfer system

Question 6: The funds may have moved through a ________ or a country where there is a terrorism problem.
State Sponsors of TerrorismIslamic terrorismU.S. State Department list of Foreign Terrorist OrganizationsHistory of terrorism

Question 7: While the fund required for a terrorist act may be as small as ________5,000, the process of recruiting, training and sustaining sleeper operations over years requires significant amounts of money.
Federal Reserve SystemUnited StatesUnited States dollarHawaii

Question 8: ________
Islamic terrorismList of charities accused of ties to terrorismHistory of terrorismPakistan and state terrorism

Question 9: Account transactions that are inconsistent with past deposits or withdrawals such as cash, cheques, ________, etc.
Wire transferEuropean UnionInternational Bank Account NumberGermany

Question 10: Terrorists are now working with ________ and criminals to make and launder the proceeds of crime like fraud, prostitution, intellectual property theft, smuggling - this is now routine for them.
Illegal drug tradeAlcoholic beverageProhibition (drugs)Heroin

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