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Terrorism Act 2000: Quiz


Question 1: ________ - Shaqaqi (PIJ)
Al-Aqsa Martyrs' BrigadesSecond IntifadaIslamic Jihad Movement in PalestineHamas

Question 2: The secretary of state's list proscribes a number of international organisations, the majority due to accusations connected with ________.
IslamismMuslim BrotherhoodIslamic terrorismIslamic fundamentalism

Question 3: ________ - subject of an oft-quoted abuse of Section 44 of the Terrorism Act.
Jack StrawTony BlairUnited KingdomWalter Wolfgang

Question 4: ________ - issues arising around the taking of photographs
HolographyDigital cameraCameraPhotography and the law

Question 5: [16] In 2008 the ________ conducted 175,000 searches using Section 44, these included over 2313 children (aged 15 or under), of whom 58 where aged under 10.
British Transport PoliceGreater Manchester PoliceDevon and Cornwall ConstabularyMetropolitan Police Service

Question 6: ________ is defined, in the first section of the Act, as follows:
Islamic terrorismAl-QaedaPakistan and state terrorismTerrorism

Question 7: ________ (Partiya Karkeren Kurdistan or Kongra-Gel) (PKK)
Turkey – Kurdistan Workers' Party conflictTurkeyKurdistan Workers' Party2008 Turkish incursion into northern Iraq

Question 8: Over 1000 anti-war protesters, were stopped and required to empty their pockets, on their way to ________ (used by American B-52 bombers during the Iraq conflict).
RAF FairfordRAF MildenhallRAF LakenheathRAF Alconbury

Question 9: This period was later extended to 14 days by the ________,[11] and to 28 days by the Terrorism Act 2006.
Courts Act 2003United Kingdom legislationCriminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008Criminal Justice Act 2003

Question 10: The Court found the powers were "not sufficiently circumscribed" and lacked "adequate legal safeguards against abuse", over-ruling a 2003 High Court judgement upheld at the Court of Appeal and the ________.
Parliament of the United KingdomHouse of LordsHouse of Commons of the United KingdomPolitics of the United Kingdom

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