Terrorism: Quiz


Question 1: State sponsors have constituted a major form of funding; for example, PLO, ________ and some other terrorist groups were funded by the Soviet Union.
FatahDemocratic Front for the Liberation of PalestineHamasPopular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Question 2: [18] Nechayev's story is told in fictionalized form by ________ in the novel The Possessed.
RussiaFyodor DostoyevskyThe Brothers KaramazovCrime and Punishment

Question 3: Professor of ________ Michael Stohl cites the examples that include Germany’s bombing of London and the U.S.
Political philosophyPolitical scienceSocial sciencesPhilosophy

Question 4: In January 1858, Italian patriot Felice Orsini threw three bombs in an attempt to assassinate French Emperor ________.
Napoleon III of FranceNapoleon II of FranceHouse of BonaparteLouis-Philippe I, King of the French

Question 5: [97] ________ described William Ewart Gladstone's Irish Coercion Act as terrorism in his "no-Rent manifesto" in 1881, during the Irish Land War.
John RedmondCharles Stewart ParnellIrish Parliamentary PartyJohn Dillon

Question 6: [106] There is concern about terrorist attacks employing ________.
Weapon of mass destructionNuclear weaponNuclear proliferationChemical warfare

Question 7: In early 1975, the Law Enforcement Assistant Administration in the ________ formed the National Advisory Committee on Criminal Justice Standards and Goals.
CanadaAlaskaUnited StatesPhilippines

Question 8: ________ of a territory to form a new sovereign state
United StatesSecessionDecolonizationSelf-determination

Question 9: [82] Democracies, such as the United Kingdom, United States, Israel, Indonesia, ________, and the Philippines, have also experienced domestic terrorism.
IndiaIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementLok SabhaResearch and Analysis Wing

Question 10: [citation needed] According to Ali Khan, the distinction lies ultimatedly in a ________ judgment.
Political partyIdeologyPolitical philosophyPolitics

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