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Terroir: Quiz


Question 1: Terroir is often italicized in English writing to show that it is a French ________.
French languageEnglish languageLoanwordGerman language

Question 2: The belief that the terroir is the dominant influence in the wine is the basis behind French ________ emphasizing the region, vineyard or AOC more prominently on the label rather than the grape varietal and often more prominently than the producer.
Bordeaux wineChampagne (wine)Pinot noirWine label

Question 3: The concept of terroir is at the base of the ________ Appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC) system that has been the model for appellation and wine laws across the globe.
French wineChardonnayNew Zealand wineGerman wine

Question 4: For most of its history, Burgundy was cultivated by the literate and disciplined members of the Benedictine and ________ orders.
CisterciansCatholic religious orderTrappistsCarthusian

Question 5: [2] Long before the French, the winemaking regions of the ________ already developed a concept of different regions having the potential to create very different and distinct wines, even from the same grapes.
Classical antiquityAchaemenid EmpireAncient historyAncient Near East

Question 6: These systems have also developed into Protected designation of origin across the European Union so that, for example, winemakers from outside a region like Tuscany can not produce a Sangiovese wine and call it a ________.
ChiantiCabernet SauvignonBarberaNebbiolo

Question 7: The winemaking decision of using wild or ambient ________ in fermentation instead of cultured or laboratory produced yeast can be a reflection of terroir.

Question 8: The concept of terroir exists in other drinks categories too, notably in cognac, where the chalky soil, climate and distance from the Atlantic are all factors influencing the grapes, and in ________.
WineAbsintheAlcoholic beverageVodka

Question 9: These include decisions about ________, irrigation and selecting time of harvest.
PruningTree shapingPlantOrchard

Question 10: Winemakers in Burgundy do not believe that they are producing ________ that happens to be grown in Burgundy, but that they are producing unique Burgundian wines that happen to be made from Pinot noir.
ChardonnayPinot grisGewürztraminerPinot noir

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